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The Research Training and Coaching Program (RTCP) is created and implemented by the University
Research Office (URO) to assist the AdZU in assuring the continuous development of its
faculty and staff in the area of research and publication.


(Program is available for AdZU Faculty and Staff only)

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In light of the challenge of the university to increase production in the area of research and publication, the University Research Office (URO) recognizes the need to continuously develop the ability of the faculty and staff to effectively participate in the academic work of knowledge generation and use. The Training & Coaching Program aims to build the structure and system to address this particular area of concern. The Research Training & Coaching Program of the URO is composed of two components: 1) Research & Proposal Writing Training and 2) Research & Publication Coaching Program. These support components are available to AdZU faculty and staff and caters to varying skill and experience levels in terms of research and publication. 

Organizations today are experiencing a faster pace and broader scope of change. Faced with a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, the best performing organizations are distinguished by the quality of both the functional and leadership talent hey attract and retain. Today’s talent demands ongoing feedback and continuous opportunities for self-development. The complexity and the fast pace of change mean that development approaches such as courses and training cannot meet all the needs of people in organizations. In their place, organizations view coaching as a more impactful way of developing talent to perform at their highest potential. In addition to the classic one-on-one coaching for senior leaders, organizations are keen to invest in building a culture where coaching is seen as a crucial skill for successful collaboration on every level.


This training and coaching program has been created to systematize skills enhancement and the coaching of faculty and staff in the area of research and publication. The end goal of the program is to create an expanded pool of AdZU personnel that possesses the competencies and the attitude required to address the university’s strategic goals on research and publication.


  • Research & Proposal Writing Training

The training on Research & Proposal Writing is an annual seminar-workshop organized by the University Research Office. A major focus of this component is to provide faculty and staff with a dedicated time and venue to translate personal ideas into actual implementable research projects under the guidance of experienced coaches and resource persons.

  • Research Coaching Program

The Research Coaching Program is a system of organizing, training, deploying, and incentivizing experienced faculty and staff who have the potential and/or capability to take on the role of research coaches to fellow faculty and staff interested in conducting research or are in the process of implementing research projects. The primary goal of this component is to set-up coaching infrastructure in AdZU in aid of the development of faculty and staff interested in and/or has started to engage in research and publication.


Implementation of the two components is expected to result in:

  1. Having an established structure for teaching and coaching that can fast-track the development of faculty and staff in the areas of research and publication as well as increase the rate of research-project completion; and

  2. Having a stable and reliable annual source of research-project proposals for possible funding either by AdZU through the Research Chair Program or by external funding agencies.

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