Research Review Committee

Research Review Committee (RRC) Orientation Notes
Prepared by the University Research Office
Ateneo de Zamboanga University

What is a research study? It is an investigative inquiry that seeks to answer a particular problem, address an issue, or explain a phenomenon. It must be systematic, evidence-based, data-driven and organized in such a way as to reach a credible conclusion.

What research studies require URO support? For a research project to be funded by the university, it must meet these criteria:

  1. It requires ample time apart from proponent’s usual teaching or office hours,
  2. It necessitates the usage of ADZU facilities, materials, resources and/or the services of mentors, coaches, statisticians, enumerators, data analysts, etc.
  3. The outcome of the research project benefits the school, its students, the city, or country.

What a research study is NOT. It is not the same as a thesis or dissertation meant to earn a diploma or degree. Research proposals and papers are not obliged to have a hypothesis or a theoretical framework. For this reason, these papers need not be scored. Instead, the papers are either approved or asked to be revised by the RRC.

A research study need not be complex. Simple studies can be accepted as long as the information needed in the study are not readily available. Simple research is defined as

  1. Having one or two research questions
  2. Involving two or three variables, and/ or
  3. A study that can be completed within 4 to 5 months or 1 sem.
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