The University

Research and Publication Council

Guidelines and Policies

I. The AdZU University Research and Publication Council

a. Rationale

This University Research and Publication Council (URPC) guidelines and policies have been formulated to systematize the University’s response to the goal of advancing leadership in research and publication.

The URPC has been established to ensure that the AdZU supports and acknowledges research and publication engagements that are largely aligned with its vision and mission, values, and principles; that utmost integrity and excellence are observed in all research-related programs, projects, and activities; and that the highest ethical standards are complied with in the practice of all forms of scientific inquiry.

Furthermore, this document shall prescribe to the members of the AdZU community the essential processes involved in the conduct of university-endorsed programs, projects, and/or activities involving research and publication.

b. URPC Mandate and Scope of Authority

The URPC is an advisory body to the AdZU President on all matters involving research and publication.  It shall recommend to the President possible directions, policies, and/or courses of actions that shall ensure the university’s meaningful advantage in research and publication.

The URPC shall be the highest policy-making body for all programs, projects, and activities involving research and publication in AdZU.  It shall also be the ultimate decision-making body in resolving issues, concerns, controversies, and other similar situations requiring judgment and decision involving research and publication in the University.

The URPC shall directly supervise the University Research Office (URO), the Asia Mindanaw Journal, and the AdZU Research Ethics Committee (AdZU-REC).  The URO is tasked to implement the policies approved by the URPC.  Whereas, the URO, the Asia Mindanaw, and the AdZU-REC shall enjoy operational independence in terms of the day-to-day functions, the aforementioned offices shall be required to submit for the URPC’s approval their (1) annual plans, (2) line-item budgets, (3) quarterly updates of accomplishments, (4) annual reports, and (5) all other similarly pertinent documents as may be required by the URPC.  Moreover, the aforementioned offices shall also not engage in any work outside of their regular functions and/or enter into any form of partnership with any organization, group, or individual persons for any purpose without the prior knowledge and approval of the URPC.

In addition, all research and publication engagements of the faculty and staff whether in the professional schools (College of Law, and School of Medicine), the schools and colleges (School of Education, School of Liberal Arts, School of Management and Accountancy, College of Nursing, and College of Science and Information Technology), the basic education units (Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School), the Social Development Units (Social Development Office, Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance, Center for Community Extension Services, Ateneo Peace Institute, Ateneo Center for Culture and the Arts, and Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement), and the Central Services Offices (i.e. Human Resources Administration & Development Office, College Guidance & Counseling Office, Ateneo Center for Environment & Sustainability, Campus Ministry, etc)  shall be overseen by the URPC.  Hence, no research and publication programs, projects, and/or activities (whether funded by the Ateneo de Zamboanga University or by non-AdZU institutions/agencies) shall commence without prior knowledge and approval of the URPC.

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