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This document describes the rationale of the Research Utilization Program and enumerates
the support and incentives that Ateneo de Zamboanga University provides, through the
University Research Office, to researchers in disseminating and utilizing their research


(Program is available for AdZU Faculty and Staff only)

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The University Research Office (URO) believes that research is a ministry. As such, research contributes to the betterment of human life. This means that research is not an end in itself but a means to improve any aspect of the day to day experiences of people, especially the poor and the vulnerable. This belief captures the so-called research utilization, which refers to the use of research results in policies, programs, and practices, ultimately to improve the human conditions. It involves, among others, engagement with stakeholders, policy makers, program managers, and advocates. The utilization of research results may be ushered by intervention programs based on research results, policy briefs, research presentation, and paper publication. Hence, a program that supports projects and activities on research utilization, including, but not limited to, support to program integration, policy translation, paper presentation, and publication, is institutionalized for efficiency and impact.

Application Procedure for the publication support of published papers

The applicant submits the following to URO via email:

  • Application Letter addressed to the Director for Research
  • Proof of publication 
  • Soft copy of the accepted article/book for publication
  • Proof that the journal is ISI-indexed, SCOPUS-indexed, or national/international peer reviewed; proof that the publisher is an established one
  • Proof of Peer-Review

The URO-Secretary acknowledges receipt of application and forwards the application to the URO Research Officer (RO) or Director

The RO does the initial assessment,

a. If the application is unsatisfactory, the RO shall communicate with the applicant for completion of requirements, until the application becomes satisfactory.

b. If the application is satisfactory, the RO shall seek acceptance of the URO Director.

Once satisfactory, the Director for Research (DR) endorses the application to the University Research and Publications Council. The URPC may approve or reject the application.

The Director for Research (DR) formally communicates the URPC’s decision to the applicant. When approved, the DR instructs the RO for the provision of the publication support.


URO supports the publication of completed researches by AdZU faculty and staff. URO builds a database of different established journal publications and book publishers, which will be used as reference for publishable research articles. For the raw research paper, a support mechanism of converting it into publishable article is established. This support is extended to promising theses and dissertations of faculty and staff. Published authors can also avail of the publication incentive package.


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