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The URO Programs provide enriching and invaluable experiences for students, faculty, and staff in diverse academic fields. These programs offer them the chance to actively engage in research projects under the mentorship of experienced researchers. By participating in URO programs, they will gain hands-on experience in conducting systematic inquiries, analyzing data, and presenting their findings. Such initiatives foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, and contributing to the overall advancement of knowledge in their respective disciplines.

Research Process

Step 1: Proponent/s write a draft proposal.

Submit to URO along with

Proposal paper
Letter of Intent addressed to the Director of the University Research Office
Endorsement Letter signed by the unit head
Proposed timetable of activities and budget

You may email it through:

Step 2
Proponent/s are interviewed by a review panel organized by URO

The proponent/s may opt to have a presentation. The panel may accept the proposal or suggest improvements.

Step 3
The proponent/s apply for ethics clearance to the chairperson of the Research Ethics Committee (REC)

Step 4
The chair forms a Committee to review the ethical compliance of the proposal.

The REC may accept the proposal or may suggest improvements or clarifications.

Step 5
The URO Director endorse the proposal to the University Research and Publications Council. The URPC approves the proposal for funding and implementation.

Research Chair Program

Application Process

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