The University

Research and Publication Council

Guidelines and Policies

II. Organization, Membership Composition, and Terms of Office

a. Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The URPC shall be reporting directly to the University President.  The URO acts as the secretariat of the URPC.  Directly reporting to the URPC are the URO, AdZU-REC, and the Asia Mindanaw Journal.  The URPC oversees all research-related programs, projects, and activities of the Higher Education and Basic Education units, the Social Development units, and the Central Services Offices (i.e. HRADO, CGCO, ACES, Campus Ministry, etc) of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.

b. Membership Composition

The URPC will be composed of nine (9) members

  1. University President
  2. Vice President for Higher Education (VPHEd)
  3. Vice President for Basic Education (VPBEd)
  4. Assistant to the President for Social Development
  5. Director for Research
  6. Assistant to the Director for Research
  7. Three faculty members appointed by the President

The President shall have a permanent seat in the URPC and shall always be informed of and invited to all URPC meetings and/or other official gatherings.  He may personally attend or may send his designated representative.

In addition, the URPC shall be assisted by the URO, which will act as the URPC secretariat.  It will be the responsibility of the Director for Research to ensure that sufficient URO personnel and resources are dedicated for this purpose.

The URPC will be presided over by the Director for Research.

c. Selection of Faculty Members

The VPHEd, VPBEd, and the Director for Research shall each submit two nominees to represent the faculty and staff in the URPC.  The basis for the nomination will be the nominees’ degree of research engagement (research involvement and productivity).  From the list of nominees, the University President selects and formally appoints three to represent the faculty and staff in the URPC.

d. The URPC Chairperson

The Director for Research shall act as the URPC Chairperson.

e. Voting Powers

Each member of the URPC represents one vote on any deliberation, except for the University President and the Assistant to the Director for Research who are considered as non-voting members.

f. Signatories for Documents

Documents that require signature representing the URPC shall be signed by all members of the council, unless otherwise collegially decided by the members.  This shall hold true, in particular, to documents that reflect URPC decisions and/or stance on a specific matter (i.e. URPC resolutions).

Documents, however, that represent more or less an operational purpose (such as, but not limited to, invitation letters to meetings, liquidation reports, minutes of meetings, etc.) may be signed by the URPC Chairperson (Director for Research) as a matter of practicability and/or convenience.

g. Terms of Office

The University President, VPHEd, VPBEd, Director for Research, Assistant to the President for Social Development, and the Assistant to the Director for Research are ex officio members.  The faculty members of the council shall have a term of three (3) years.

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