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Research and Publication Council

Guidelines and Policies

VI. Flow Chart

The general process for obtaining URPC approval of research and publication proposals, whether being proposed by a proponent or a group of proponents via the URO research chair program or via support from other means (initiative of the Schools, Colleges, or other units in AdZU and/or funding support from non-AdZU organizations), shall be as follows:

Flow Chart

As can be seen, a proponent or a group of proponents makes their research and/or project proposal known to their respective units by submitting the same to be noted by the unit heads –in the case of those from the colleges and basic education units the Directors or the principals, for those under the Social Development Unit the Assistant to the President for Social Development (APSD), and for the academic and non-academic staff to the Director of the Human Resources Administration and Development Office (HRADO).  The unit heads may give their opinion and/or feedback on aspects of the proposal and/or the project or on the qualification of the proponent/s but only the URPC may approve or disapprove a proposal or a project.

After the submitted document is noted, the proposal or project is then forwarded by the unit head to URO (URPC secretariat).  The URO subjects the research and/or project proposal to a review process following standards and procedures approved by the URPC. The URO submits reports of the results of the review process (and accompanying pertinent documents) to the URPC for deliberation and decision.  The URPC gives the decision. The URO as secretariat is responsible for communicating the URPC decision to the proponent/s.

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